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Humane Animal Removal, Wildlife Removal Fairhope, Alabama. Wildlife Solutions, Inc. serves the greater metropolitan area of Fairhope including Orange Beach Animal Removal, Gulf Shores Animal Removal, Foley Animal Removal, Lillian Animal Removal, Spanish Fort Animal Removal, Daphne Animal Removal, Elberta Animal Removal and Bay Minette Animal Removal in Baldwin County Alabama AL.

Wildlife Solutions, Inc. Animal Removal, provides wildlife removal and animal removal services for residential, industrial and commercial clients in Fairhope AL and surrounding Alabama communities. Fairhope Animal Removal Experts have been professionally trained in Animal Removal specific to Fairhope Alabama. We also take pride in performing humane animal removal from your Fairhope AL home and business.

Our Animal Removal technicians are licensed and insured for the state of Alabama and comply with all laws regarding wildlife removal. Animal Removal and Wildlife Removal account for most of our calls, we also perform Wildlife Exclusion, Dead Animal Removal, Damaged Insulation Replacement and Attic Restoration Services for Fairhope AL, and surrounding Alabama area.

We are equipped to handle any kind of animal, pest and wildlife removal problem such as bat removal and control, squirrel removal and control, raccoon removal and control, snake removal and control, armadillo removal and control, rat removal and control, armadillo removal and control and many more unwanted wildlife.

Raccoon Removal Fairhope AL

Raccoons are very common in our region and can cause a great deal of stress and damage. They are very intelligent and persistent creatures with a knack for breaking into the attic spaces of structures and taking up permanent residence.

Squirrel Removal Fairhope AL

A common home invader, both gray squirrels and flying squirrels can cause significant damage to an attic space. Known especially to gnaw wires and even cause fires, these rodents are also problematic to a home or businesses' insulation due to flattening and urine/feces left behind virtually everywhere they go.

Bat Removal Fairhope AL

Given their small size, these flying mammals have an uncanny ability to invade structures through the tiniest entry points. They are known rabies vectors and leave "guano", which is their fecal matter, wherever they roost. Bat guano is known to be linked to illnesses such as histoplasmosis and dysentary among others.

Coyote Removal Fairhope AL

Coyotes are closely related to wolves and dogs and are known to hunt and scavenge in packs. Coyotes prefer to live in the wild but human development has forced coyotes to adapt. Today, coyotes are found more in areas dominated by people.

Beaver Control Fairhope AL

Beavers are one of the most unique species of wildlife that we are called upon to control in Fairhope Alabama. Beaver Control is needed because Beavers can be found living in drainage ditches, creeks, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes throughout Fairhope, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Foley, Lillian, Elberta, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Bay Minette in Baldwin County AL. Call us today for Beaver Problems and Beaver Control.

Rodents, Mice, Rat Removal Fairhope AL

Rats and mice are very common pests throughout the world. Like their squirrel cousins, they have a particular taste for electrical wires and can cause damage to insulation as well. Scratching sounds in the night are often attributed to these common attic invaders.

Snake Removal Fairhope AL

Snakes are a part of life in our region. There are 6 venomous species known inhabit the Gulf Coast; however most species are nonvenomous. If you are encountering snakes on a regular basis on your property, Wildlife Solutions, Inc. can implement steps to drastically reduce these occurrences.

Armadillo Removal Fairhope AL

Are your flower beds constantly under attack? Tired of waking up to find small divots throughout your lawn? We can end your armadillo-induced stress in a humane manner.

An Animal Removal expert is only a phone call away. We will assist with Fairhope Animal Removal and surrounding areas like Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Foley, Lillian, Spanish Fort, Daphne, Bay Minette and Elberta (251) 510-4316.

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